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9th Marine Corps District

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Naval Station Great Lakes, Illinois
Marine Corps General Motivates Wrestlers, Officer Candidates

By Cpl. Alejandro Bedoya | 9th Marine Corps District | February 17, 2017


STILLWATER, Okla. - During a business trip to Oklahoma State University, Feb. 16, the Marine Corps’ Director of Intelligence took the time to speak to the university’s wrestling team before their matchup against Pennsylvania State University in the National Wrestling Coaches Association National Duals Final.

Brig. Gen. William H. Seely III, an OSU graduate, visited the NCAA Division I number one ranked Cowboys to motivate and inspire them before their match, which takes place, Feb. 19.

"You must have the will to train, if you want to succeed," Seely said. "You guys have proven you are willing to work hard at practice, now it’s time to succeed. Go out there and do it for your brothers. You gentlemen have a chance to add to your school's history. Seize the innovative, win that championship!"

During his visit, Seely also spoke to Marine Corps candidates who are in training to become Marine Corps officers.

“You are joining an organization where the motto is ‘Always Faithful,’” he said. “There is absolutely nothing like leading men and women who will put it all on the line for the Marine on their left and on their right but the path to get there, is not an easy one. You have to earn every bit of it.”