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9th Marine Corps District

Midwest Marines

Naval Station Great Lakes, Illinois
Recruiting the next “greatest generation”

By Sgt. Levi Schultz | 9th Marine Corps District | November 2, 2017


DES MOINES, Iowa — Col. David Fallon, commanding officer, 9th Marine Corps District, Marine Corps Recruiting Command, attended the 33rd Annual Convention of the Iowa Wrestling Coaches and Officials Association as a guest speaker in Des Moines, Iowa, Oct. 29, 2017.

A Boston College alumnus, the infantry officer discussed the shared traits that lead to success for wrestlers and Marines, as well as the different methods the Corps uses to instill these values in each new generation. One such correlation he made was the responsibility of wrestling captains to the responsibility of squad leaders within an infantry company.

“When you ask someone to describe a wrestler, you’re going to hear terms like; toughness, sacrifice, commitment, tenacity, hard-working,” Fallon said. “All those things are exactly the same qualities we are looking for in our future Marines.”

As the commander of the recruiting district that spans the Midwest, Fallon explained how the Marine Corps’ systematic, needs-based approach to recruiting could aid Iowa coaches in their hunt for the next “greatest generation” of wrestlers.

“Not everyone is cutout to be a Marine – we are looking for just a few – we are looking for the right ones, just like you coaches,” Fallon said. “The same person you are looking for to join the next Greatest Generation of wrestlers is the same one we are looking for to lead this nation into the future.”