9th Marine Corps District
Recruiting Station Oklahoma City
Midwest Marines are responsible for U.S. Marine Corps recruiting efforts in the upper Midwest, including the states of Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Iowa, Nebraska, North and South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana and Oklahoma. Midwest Marines are headquartered aboard Naval Station Great Lakes, IL. We are formally known as the 9th Marine Corps District.

The mission of Marine Corps Recruiting Station Oklahoma City is to supervise and administer the enlisted and officer procurement programs of the Regular and Reserve establishment and to perform such other tasks as may be directed by the Commandant of the Marine Corps.   

Oklahoma City News

Oklahoma Native earns RS Oklahoma City Recruiter of the Year

19 Nov 2017 | Sgt. Marcela Diazdeleon 9th Marine Corps District

Recruiting is considered to be one of the most challenging duties in the Marine Corps by past commandants of the Marine Corps, due to its constant stress and expectation of the recruiter.  This is why the recruiters who go above and beyond are recognized for their hard work and unique approach to recruiting.

This year, Sgt. Domingo Hernandez, an Oklahoma native and one of three recruiters at Recruiting Substation Oklahoma City South, Recruiting Station Oklahoma, was awarded Recruiter of the Year for his tireless, consistent efforts.

He was, in part, recognized for preparing the men and women he enlisted for recruiting training, with 96 percent graduating.

For Fiscal Year 2017, Hernandez enlisted a total of 28 men and women while he sent 24 to recruit training the same year.  Furthermore, he was awarded the “Chief Consistency” award for enlisting three highly qualified 3 men and women for three consecutive months. 

“I enjoy recruiting because it’s a way for me to show my community what the Marine Corps is all about,” Hernandez said.  “Growing up, I didn’t know anything about what the Marine Corps did.  I want to show them what it means to be a Marine.”

Due to his success as a production recruiter, he has been assigned as the staff noncommissioned officer of RSS Midwest City.  

9th Marine Corps District