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Kansas City Auto Show
5 Mar 2014

The Marines landed at the Kansas City Auto Show at Bartle Hall, March 5-9, to provide the community an opportunity to meet and interact with local Marines.


Sergeant Kenneth Trotter, the marketing and public affairs representative for Recruiting Station Kansas City, organized, planned and oversaw the event which hosted thousands of guests throughout the week.

“The event this year went really well, and I’m enthusiastic about organizing it next year,” Trotter said. “We’ve brought in more than 400 contacts for recruiters, and we’ve had the privilege to meet many veterans who’ve served before us.”


Natalie Sullivan, key organizer and floor supervisor at the auto show said having the Marines here has been great for the show; it gives people a chance to see the men and women who protect our freedom

While the show does not release exact attendance numbers, the estimated crowd that the Marines were able to reach was in the thousands.


“This was one of the best events I’ve been to in my three years out here,” said Staff Sgt. William Fowler, a canvassing recruiter with RSS Overland Park. “We actually had some high quality individuals come up and show interest in the Marine Corps.”


The men performed max sets of pull ups while the women had the choice of doing pull ups or the flexed-arm hang in order to earn Marine Corps gear and incentive prizes.

“We saw a lot more women coming up and wanting to do pull ups at this event, instead of the flexed arm hang,” said Gunnery Sgt. Jason Smith, EMV Coordinator for the 9th MCD. “That shows us that there are high quality young women out there who strive for greatness.”


This is the first year Recruiting Station Kansas City participated in the auto show.

Lance Cpl. Bradley Carrier

9th Marine Corps District

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