District Readiness Coordinator (DRC)
Mr Carmelo Flores
Office (847) 887-8320
Cell     (816) 547-8064



    The Family Readiness Program serves as the primary communication link
between the command and families of Midwest Marines. The District Readiness
Coordinator works in conjunction with Uniformed Readiness Coordinators (URC)
at each Recruiting Station to educate, assist and empower Marines and families
across the Midwest to enhance personal readiness and quality of life.
   L.I.N.K.S. stands for Lifestyle, Insights, Networking, Knowledge and Skills.
It is a volunteer, team-mentoring program designed by spouses for spouses. The
program offers orientation to the Marine Corps lifestyle, helping new spouses
adapt to the unique challenges of military life. The LifeSkills Program offers
an array of classes and workshops to encourage personal growth and strengthen
the Marine and family for continual readiness.  MCRD San Diego supports these
programs within the District.
9th Marine Corps District