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14 Jan 2015

                                                                                  MARINES OFFER FOOTBALL EDUCATION TO LOCAL SCHOOLS

MINNEAPOLIS - The United States Marine Corps and Glazier Football Clinics have partnered for the fourth consecutive year to award high schools free admission to the 2015 Glazier Clinics. A total of 850 Season Passes will be awarded.

Each Season Pass grants an entire football coaching staff admission to any or all of Glazier’s 36 football coaching clinics in 31 U.S. cities. It also gives coaches access to Glazier Clinic Online, the largest online archive of football education resources.

The joint initiative stems from a shared emphasis on developing young leaders in communities across the nation. Both Glazier Clinics and the U.S. Marine Corps believe that coaches who model a desire for excellence through continuing education model for their players an important aspect of leadership and citizenship.

This Season Pass award is part of a larger Marine Corps effort to become a resource for local high schools.

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