9PSR recruiter wins Recruiter of the Year

30 Apr 2004 | 9th Marine Corps District

Prior Service Recruiting (PSR) is not like regular recruiting.  There is no catchy sales pitch or fancy commercials that make a prior service Marine want to return to the ranks. 

It depends almost solely on the recruiter.

GySgt. Paul A. Posey is one of 14 PSR recruiters spread across 10 recruiting sites that cover the 9th Marine Corps District.  This 36-year-old leader of Marines is also the PSR Recruiter of the Year for 2003.

“I have been fortunate to work in every aspect of the Corps,” said Posey.  “I take this position with an emotional conviction, like a gunnery sergeant should.  Not every aspect of PSR is cut and dried, there are many times where you have to dig into the system to make sure we are giving the best options, bonuses, and jobs to our prior service applicants.”

“I enjoy bringing Marines back amongst the ranks.  Since my first week as a PSR, I’ve felt that this was my calling.  The gratification of helping a Marine to fulfill his desire to continue his career has been overwhelming,” said Posey.

As a prior service recruiter for the Kansas City site, Posey’s specific recruiting statistics have been impressive.  He achieved over 100 percent of his assigned mission of three contracts a month.  He has completed 73 accessions over a 19-month period and averaged .8 accessions per month.  PSR District 9 averages about 2.72 per month.  He achieved an MOS match rate of 93 percent, well above the national requirement of 75 percent.  Posey believes in the importance of staying physically fit in order to portray a positive role model to applicants.  Posey presents an outstanding military image and maintains a strict military dress code.  He maintains his physical conditioning with a rigorous daily routine, which resulted in a score of 267 on his last Physical Fitness Test.

A positive attitude and caring for his Marines is paramount to him.

“Gunny Posey has a great attitude that is filled with humor,” said GySgt. Tim Kirki, District 9 PSR Area Staff Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge.  “Posey is always willing to work the hours needed to take care of Marines and make mission.  I’ve learned that GySgt. Posey genuinely cares about the Marine Corps, the Marines that serve, and the ones that have served.  Posey is my right-hand man when it comes to SNCOIC matters, and he is always willing to step up and help out.”

Posey was born on April 12, 1967, Gary, Ind.  He graduated from Lew Wallace High School in 1985, and on September 23, 1985, he entered boot camp at Marine Corps Recruiting Depot, San Diego, Calif.   After graduating the Marine Corps School of Infantry, Posey was selected as a candidate for the Marine Security Guard and was transferred to Naval Weapons Station Charleston, in Charleston, S.C.  Corporal Posey was then transferred to Camp Lejeune, N.C., where he served until October 1989 as an infantry squad leader.  In December 1989 Posey joined the 6th Engineer Battalion in Gary, Ind., as a drilling reservist where he became a basic electrician and was promoted to the rank of sergeant.  In February 2002, Posey decided it was time for change and he applied to become a prior service recruiter.  Upon completion of Recruiting School, at MCRD San Diego, Calif., he joined the ranks of Prior Service Recruiting at 9th Marine Corps District in Kansas City, Mo., in the summer of 2002.  On January 1, 2003, Posey was promoted to the rank of gunnery sergeant.

“My success is measured by the love of my family and the admiration of my peers, not by the number of plaques and/or trophies that I've gathered,” said Posey.  “ I have been blessed to be able to converse with many different people from different walks of life.  I’ve also been blessed with a great wife, four wonderful daughters and my son.”

9th Marine Corps District