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Marines can now access free Rosetta Stone software through MarineNet. The program, which normally costs up to $200 through Rosetta Stone's retail Web site, is a 150-hour, web-based program designed to give Marines a quick education in 31 different languages.

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Corps provides free Rosetta Stone software

5 Dec 2008 | 9th Marine Corps District

The Marine Corps has provided a new opportunity for Marines to further their education for free.

            In an effort to better prepare troops deploying in support of military operations in all corners of the globe, the Center for Advanced Operational Culture Learning is providing Rosetta Stone language-learning software to Marines at no cost, according to MARADMIN 661/08. The software is not only available to those preparing to deploy, but also to all active duty and reserve Marines worldwide.

            The software is available through the MarineNet Distance Learning portal at

            Rosetta Stone provides about 150 hours of self-paced, web-based learning. There are 31 languages available, covering such languages as Arabic, Spanish, Japanese and Pashto, the language of Afghanistan. Training time depends on individual effort and the difficulty of the language. A six-month subscription to the program through Rosetta Stone’s retail Web site can cost up to $200.

            CAOCL is a Marine Corps organization in charge of cultural and language training in support of military operations.

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