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Jamie Johnson, 34, from Rochester, Minn., makes her way across one of the depot’s rope bridge obstacles Jan. 18 during the 2011 Recruiting Station Twin Cities Educators' Workshop. Johnson is the Rochester Community and Technical College Transitions Coordinator and Advisor. Thirty-seven educators from Minnesota and North Dakota attended the workshop. For more photos of the event, visit the RS Twin Cities fan page at

Photo by Staff Sgt. Clinton Firstbrook

Minnesota, North Dakota teachers experience Marine Corps boot camp

24 Jan 2011 | 9th Marine Corps District

Several Minnesota and North Dakota residents found themselves on the infamous Yellow Footprints aboard Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego last week for the 2011 Recruiting Station Twin Cities Educators’ Workshop.   

Thirty-seven high school teachers and administrators signed up for the annual awareness program “to learn about Marine Corps boot camp, its training methods and the culture behind being one of the world's most elite military organizations.”

“All of the educators took a lot away from the workshop, specifically the ideals of honor, courage and commitment and how they apply to the Marine Corps,” said Osseo High School Assistant Principal Ronnie King, a 44-year-old Chattanooga, Tenn., native. “This experience will allow us to share information with our students if any of them ever ask about the Marines.”

Throughout the week, teachers participated in various activities recruits complete during boot camp, including parts of the Crucible; a 54-hour training event applicants must finish to earn the title Marine.

“We were well-rested and we couldn’t complete all of those obstacles, so I can’t imagine a group of people who have been up most of the night trying to knock them out,” said Wilton School Superintendent Craig Johnson, a 42-year-old Wilton, N.D., native. “I’m still thinking about what we should have done to finish them before time ran out.”

Last year, numerous individuals from schools across the country visited both boot camp training facilities as part of the Educators’ Workshop.  

“It dispels misconceptions and shows them we’re people just like everyone else,” said Recruiting Station Twin Cities Commanding Officer Maj. Kenneth Gawronski, a 35-year-old Liberty, Mo., native. “In fact, teachers and Marines play a similar role as we’re both here to mentor the youth of America.”

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