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Sgt. Maj. of the Marine Corps Carlton W. Kent visited Recruiting Station Chicago here July 9. Kent spoke to the Marines about quality of life, the operational forces, and the quality job the Marines have done in meeting the 202K goal of the Corps. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Sgt. George J. Papastrat) (Released)

Photo by Sgt. George J. Papastrat

Windy city welcomes sergeant major of the Marine Corps

13 Jul 2010 | 9th Marine Corps District

"My recruiter never promised me anything, he told me you have to earn it,” said Sgt. Maj. of the Marine Corps Carlton W. Kent, as he spoke to the Marines of Recruiting Station Chicago here July 9.

Kent, who visited the Marines of RS Chicago, spoke on both the current operations of the Marine Corps abroad, the quality of life, and deployment ratios of Marines in the operating forces.

“It was both an honor and impressive to see the Sgt. Maj. visit Chicago,” said Staff Sgt. Eric Villarreal, the noncommissioned officer in charge of Recruiting Substation Chicago Heights. “It’s truly great to see the senior commanders of the Marine Corps notice the small things we do out here on the streets while recruiting.”

Kent commented on both the quality job the Marines of RS Chicago are doing as well as the quality of life recruiters have in what RS Chicago’s commanding officer Maj. Matthew Tracy calls “The greatest place to work.”

“You made it happen,” said Kent, referring to the growth of the Marines to the 202K end strength goal. “We gave you five years and you did it in two and a half, every Marine in the Corps gives us a good reputation.”

Prior to his closing remarks, Kent reminisced his days as a senior drill instructor.

“I had a Chicago platoon,” expressed Kent. “We ended up being the honor platoon, we took every event.”

The comment left the RS with a great feeling of pride.

With the retention of the Corps at an all time high, and the caliber of Marines on recruiting duty, the Corps continues to grow in quality, meeting and exceeding its goals.

“You are sending the best quality our nation has to offer,” said Kent, referring to the future Marines who are currently enlisting into the Marine Corps.

9th Marine Corps District