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Enlistees from Recruiting Station Indianapolis, Ind., pull on a rope for the tug-o-war portion of the State Wide competion May 14, 2011. The State Wide is a annual competition between the sub-stations of RS Indianapolis.

Photo by Sgt. Jose Nava

Recruiting Station Indianapolis State Wide Pool Function

14 May 2011 | 9th Marine Corps District

On May 14, 2011 Marine Corps enlistees from all over the state of Indiana came to compete in Recruiting Station Indianapolis’ 2011 State Wide Pool function. The State Wide was a physical competition between the sub-stations throughout RS Indianapolis.

Along with the physical competition, the enlistees received the opportunity to meet Marine Corps Drill Instructors from Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island and Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego.

“It was refreshing to see the challenges and camaraderie that these young men and women share to accomplish which ever mission is placed in front of them,” said Everette Albrecht, campus minister, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Ind. Everette is the father of enlistee Michael Albrecht, Recruiting Sub-station Lafayette, RS Indianapolis, Ind.

Some of the physical activities that the enlistees had to participate in were crunches, pull-ups, ammunition can lifts, a mile and a half run, and a tug-o-war competition. The ammunition can lift is part of the combat fitness test that Marines take semi-annually. 

 “When I trained for this event I did several types of workouts,” said Allee Flora, enlistee, Recruiting Sub-station Lafayette, RS Indianapolis. “I wanted to be well prepared for the competition,” said Flora.

Aside from the physical activities, the enlistees also had some mentorship time with their recruiters to talk about the Corps values and what it means to be a Marine. To further reinforce the Corps values, the drill instructors spoke to the enlistees about what to expect when they head to recruit training.

“My big brother was a huge influence on me and my family has supported and respected my decision to join the Marines,” said Flora.

Due to weather constraints, the competition was conducted in a high school gymnasium in the local Indianapolis area.   The gym was filled with shouts and encouragement, while the air was thick with electricity and anticipation as the last event of the day took place. The final event was the tug-o-war competition between the sub-stations of RS Indianapolis.

“It (the state wide) was pretty awesome to be able to challenge myself by competing with Marine enlistees from around the state,” said Flora.

RSS Fort Wayne North, Ind.,  placed first in the competition, RSS Fort Wayne South, Ind., placed second, and RSS West Indianapolis, Ind., finished in third place. The enlistee that did the best overall was Allee Flora from RSS Lafayette, Ind.

 “It would be a big benefit and a plus for the Marines’ recruiting program if there was more parent involvement in their child’s development in becoming a Marine,” said Albrecht.

9th Marine Corps District