The core of the Corps is family

4 Feb 2011 | 9th Marine Corps District

The Marine Corps is often seen as one big family, made up of brothers and sisters from around the country.

Sometimes those brothers and sisters are sons, daughters and even grandsons.

Gaige J. Griffeth swore in at Military Entrance Processing Station Kansas City, Mo. on February 4.
Staff Sgt. Joshua W.D. Griffeth, a recruiter with Marine Corps Recruiting Station Kansas City, is not just Poolee Griffeth’s recruiter, he is also his uncle.

Gunnery Sgt. Glenn H. Griffeth is the first generation of the Marine family. He enlisted in 1969 as an avionics technician and aerial gunner for CH-53 “Sea Stallion” helicopters. He deployed in 1972 and 1973.

The way people treated his Grandfather and Uncle gave Poolee Griffeth a unique perspective of the Corps and is his primary reason for joining.

“Well, I see how my grandfather and uncle are respected by people because of the Marine Corps,” said Poolee Griffeth. ” My grandfather was in the Marine Corps for many years and when people find out that he was in, they have a different behavior around him, like the utmost respect.”

“I think it's great,” said Staff Sergeant Griffeth. “I followed in my father's footsteps because he was a huge role model in my life, and I must have a large impact on him, if he wants to follow in the same direction. I think he will go far, and to be the one who helps him in the Corps it's an honor. Helping the future of the Corps, but helping the future of the family at the same time it's worth it every step of the way.”

Poolee Griffeth graduated from Central High School in Ft. Worth TX and now lives in Topeka, KS. He is currently on a BA Contract, Aviation Electronics. The same contract that his Grandfather and Uncle enlisted under when they joined the Marine Corps.

9th Marine Corps District