Marine Corps Recruit Station Twin Cities recruits best of best

9 Jan 2014 | Cpl. Martin Egnash 9th Marine Corps District

Marine Corps Recruit Station Twin Cities is not only searching throughout the upper Midwest for those who have what it takes to become United States Marines, it is also looking for exceptional prospects that can set new standards of Marine Corps excellence. One such applicant was Pfc. Katie M. Gorz, one of the first three females to ever graduate from the Marine Corps Infantry Training Battalion.

Gorz, a graduate of North St. Paul High School, was recruited out of RSS Roseville on Oct. 31, 2012. She left for boot camp in June 2013, and started ITB Sept. 24, 2013.

“We’re looking for someone who is committed to bettering themselves,” said Staff Sgt. Ryan M. Hunt, staff noncommissioned officer in charge of Recruit Sub Station Roseville. “Someone who doesn’t shy away from a challenge, who attacks obstacles head-on.”

“Pfc. Gorz exemplifies the kind of person we are looking for,” said Hunt. She is willing to take on challenges that nobody has before. She will not just fall in with the crowd and take the easy route. She was willing to do whatever it takes to become a Marine.”

Though many of the female Marines did not make it all the way through ITB,  Gorz persevered and accomplished something never done before.

 “I joined the Marine Corps because of all the people who went before me so that I could have the freedoms and opportunities that I have,” said Gorz. “I wanted to show my appreciation for what they’ve done and provide the same opportunities for the next generation.”

According to Gorz, one of the reasons why she made it through ITB while others did not,, was her preparedness.

“Coming out of Minnesota, when I went to boot camp, really helped me physically,” said Gorz. “I went to every pool function I could for almost a year and I attended the (physical training) here every Monday and Wednesday. Training with the recruiters like that really increased my strength and endurance.”

Sergeant Patrick M. Herman, the recruiter from RSS Roseville who recruited Gorz, believes an applicant’s work ethic can make or break them in boot camp.

“I look for individuals who are physically fit, intelligent and possess confidence and leadership,” said Herman. “But many times it comes down to a person’s work ethic. Gorz has a work ethic unlike many others, and was very prepared for boot camp. That’s why she succeeded.”

Looking for those applicants with the right mindset to succeed is part of a Marine Corps recruiter’s job.

“The recruiting process is not as easy as some people think,” said Herman. “Some high school seniors, without a plan, just assume they can get into the Marine Corps. But it’s the ones with a proven work ethic that stood out and became Marines.”

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