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The head football and softball coach at Maple Lake High School, Coach Tim Knudsen, shakes hands with Commanding Officer of Marine Corps Recruiting Station Twin Cities, Maj. Christopher Tsirlis, after having received the Marine Corps Semper Fi Coach Award, Feb. 21.

Photo by Cpl. Martin Egnash

Coach Knudsen receives Semper Fi Coach Award

26 Feb 2014 | Cpl. Martin Egnash 9th Marine Corps District

The head football and softball coach at Maple Lake High School, coach Tim Knudsen, was awarded the United States Marine Corps Semper Fi Coach Award, at the Glazier Football Clinic, Feb. 21.

“The Semper Fi Coach Award epitomizes the timeless Marine Corps values of honor, courage and commitment,” said Maj. Christopher Tsirlis, Commanding Officer of Marine Corps Recruit Station Twin Cities. “This award is given to a coach who takes those values to heart, and makes it his personal mission to develop student athletes into the future leaders of this country.”

Maj. Tsirlis presented the award to coach Knudsen before an audience of coaches from across the nation.

“This is the best award that my staff and I can think of,” said coach Knudsen. “This award finalizes what we as a staff teach our student athletes every day and that is leadership, honor and commitment.”
During coach Knudsen’s acceptance of the award, he thanked his staff and team for their hard work as well.

"My staff is second to none when molding young men into great leaders,” said Knudsen.
When asked later of the parallels between the Marine Corps and coaching football, coach Knudsen said that both organizations develop young men and women into better citizens and leaders, and both organizations are surrounded by individuals who fight for the men and women beside them.  
“Coach Knudsen deserves this award because not only does he have success on the gridiron, but he is deeply concerned about developing the character of his team,” said Maj. Tsirlis.  

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